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    Short History of BATMAC

    Bulgarian Association for Traditional Martial Arts and Culture is one of the first organizations in Bulgaria in this area. BATMAC has different branches like:

    -Martial Arts, Book Publishing, Theatre and Film Arts, Ecology and Education, Traditional Culture, etc.

    Our first studio for Martial Arts was founded in Sofia in 1977 by Grand Master Robert Haritonov , the second and the third one were founded next year /1978/.

    Ten years later our MA studios in Sofia were already14 and in the other towns they were 18.

    The National Team of BATMAC / BTSD - SBDA / BKHDA has taken part in many National and International Tournaments and has won many important prizes. Our members are of different ages from 6 to 86. In our studios we practice different Martial Arts and methods for selfdefence, physical health and mental harmony, like:

    - Tang Soo Do/Soo Bahk Do;

    - Tang Shou Dao / Tang Te;

    - Tae Kwon Do; Kickboxing;

    - Ki Ha Do - Modern Martial Art system created by Grand Master Robert Haritonov ;

    - Daito Ru Aiki Ju-Jutsu;

    - San Shou/San Da;

    - Tibetian Martial Arts;

    - Hap Ki Do / GM K.S. Bong's System /;

    - Traditional Ki Gong;

    - GP Boxing;

    - Selfdefence and meditation;

    - The art of long and short staff;

    - The art of long and short sword;

    - The art of fight and selfdefence with one or two knives;

    - The art of nunchako, tonfa;

    - etc.

    GM Robert Haritonov is President and Founder of BATMAC /BTSD - SBDA / BKHDA / WKHDA / WTSDA / AMAWA. He has about 35 years professional experience in Traditional Martial Arts. He earned a Master of Theological and Psychological degree at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", and after that M.F.A. in Film and Television Production and Direction degree at the TFAC. Grand Master Haritonov writes books for Traditional Martial Arts, poems and screen-plays. He makes many films as cinema director, stunt coordinator and fight scene choreographer to National Theater "Iv. Vazov", Bulgarian NTV, TV "7 Day's", Film Studio "Ekran", Boyana Film Studios, etc... He also has many publications about MA history, philosophy, techniques, etc. in different newsletters, newspapers and magazines.

    Grand Master Robert Haritonov / 9th Dan Ki Ha Do / has professional experience and different degrees in other Martial Arts like: 9th Dan Tang Shou Dao / Tang Soo Do, Honorary 8th Dan in Tae Kwon Do, GP Boxing, Ki Gong and Yoga Master, Instructor levels, etc.

    Grand Master Robert Haritonov is also Founder and President of "Aqua Vitae" Foundation and honorary member of World Peace Society. He is a political leader and chairman of National Union Peoples Party / NUPP /. GM Robert Haritonov has good relationships with many Traditional Masters and personal contact with different World Martial Arts Organizations!

    Soon you will get acquainted with some of the most important representatives of BATMAC / BTSDA / BKHDA!



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